iPhone 5 – New Design, iOS 6

28 Dec

New year 2012 will be here in couple of days and all of the expectations for the new iPhone 5 are heating up. Last year “rumored” iPhone  turned into improved iPhone 4S..despite disappointment, all sales records have been broken.
What we can expect from iPhone 5 release?

There are already dozens of rumors spreading through the net that new iPhone will be re-designed and hopefully with new OS..iOS6.
According to analyst Gene Munster (CNET), we should expect the release in mid-summer 2012. ( My personal opinion is that it will not be here sooner than in October 2012 ). There would be also plenty of time to make iPhone 5 4G compatible, what is “a high demand”. Some reports are also calling for a Q3 release date. We will work with this rumors for now.

We should also expect the newly designed iPhone 5 to have a bigger screen 4 – inch ( as already mentioned in previous posts ), along with a flash processor as well..Apple’s recent purchase of Anobit virtually assures this.
The enhanced flash memory will allow the new iPhone 5 to operates more smoothly, increasing memory space and improving battery life, which was the main problem of previous models of the iPhone, but especially iPhone 4S.

Also according to Business Insider, the new iPhone will feature a rubbery material on the back that will connect the iPhone’s aluminum backing to the front bezel. Think of it as a built in “bumper” like the ones Apple sells now for the iPhone 4 and 4S.

New OS
The iPhone 5 should feature the iOS 5.1, which is in the beta phase at the moment. Anyway, if there is plenty of time to release date there could be an improved OS for the new iPhone.So there is big chance for iOS 6 to be born.


iPhone 5 | iPhone 4S – News & Rumors

26 Dec

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